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How many Ropecon's have you been to?

Including Ropecon 2015.
Where did you get information about Ropecon before the event?

Did you come to Ropecon for...

What's best in Ropecon?

Is the price of the ticket...

What would you like Ropecon to have, besides current offerings?

Who would you like to see as a Guest of Honor in Ropecon?

Are you planning on going to Ropecon 2016 or later?

If Ropecon was longer, would you come earlier?

How did you learn about Ropecon the first time you heard about it?

What made you come to Ropecon the first time you attended?

If there was more program in English, what would you like to see?

How could Ropecon make it easier for you to come to Ropecon? What services could Ropecon offer for foreign visitors?

For the programme guidebook, do you prefer it to be...

How many years have you played non-digital games?

Tabletop RPG's, LARPs, board games, card games, miniature games.
Which other conventions have you attended in the past year?

How many scheduled programme items did you attend in Ropecon/are planning to attend?

Thank you for your response! 

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